The Importance of Snow Goggles

Author:SEO Troop

With winter snow looming and the promise of an excellent season for skating, skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling just on the horizon, now is an excellent time to make sure your gear is up-to-date and up-to-snuff. An often overlooked item on the winter sports enthusiast’s list is snow goggles. Many novices (and some lazy veterans) are guilty of assuming that as long as their eyes are covered by some form of obstruction to keep the snow out (like clear goggles or even glasses), their winter activity experience will be safe and enjoyable. Others believe that any sort of face/screen protection, such as provided by a visor, is sufficient to keep their eyes protected and ensure maximum visibility. That’s just not true. For maximum protection and optimum visibility, snow goggles are not only necessary but need to be securely fitted to your face and specifically calibrated to the ambient light and filtration offered by whatever environmental conditions you may find yourself in. 

The Rainbow of Options

Snow goggles come in a veritable rainbow of colors (orange, yellow, rose, green, blue, and mirrored/polarized). The reason for this has less to do with aesthetics (although this can play a role), and more to do with how much light the specifically-colored lenses allow to filter through. Ultimately, this means you will have to choose the color of your snow goggles depending on the weather conditions in which you prefer to perform your winter activities. 


Here are 3 examples of the most appropriate and popular choices for snow goggles, based on their ability to account for light filtration on bright, variable, and dark days:


A great choice for cloudy or overcast days, this tint is an excellent blue blocker. For those unfamiliar with the term, blue-blocking refers to the blocking of blue hues in the snow that are infamously prevalent in conditions where light is scarce. Goggles with this tint will allow you to make out the terrain with relative ease.




If you like to cross-country ski or ride your snowmobile at night, rose-tinted goggles are a great choice. This tint helps dilate your pupils, which allows for better vision at night, and is also an excellent blue blocker if you like to ride during sunny days. 



Perfect for sunny and bright days, mirrored/polarized lenses significantly reduce glare from hard and reflective surfaces like snow, ice, metal, and water – prime visual distractions on winter days when sunlight is prevalent and reflective surfaces are everywhere. 

The Practical Ease of Fit

Aside from light saturation, ease of fit and security/snugness to the face are prime considerations for the purchase of appropriate snow goggles. Here are some tips for choosing the best goggles for your outdoor winter activities:


  1. choose a frame that best suits your face, especially as it relates to ventilation.
  2. when it comes to foam insulation, choose a double or triple intensity that molds to the shape of your face
  3. to avoid condensation or fogging, choose a goggle with double lenses, as the air pocket between the two lenses will reduce the condensation build-up


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