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Gearing Up with ATV Cargo Boxes and Bags

As an avid ATV enthusiast, chances are you’ll want to take your ride out for a spin every possible chance you can get, regardless of the weather. For Canadians, that means braving rugged, muddy, or rocky terrain in everything from a torrential downpour to a dusty windstorm to an unanticipated bout of light flurries. To protect both your vehicle and sensitive components (as well as smaller items and precious valuables like phones, wallets, or water bottles), the conscientious rider will want to invest in ATV cargo boxes and bags. 


It’s not uncommon for ATV riders to bring a wide variety of items with them on a ride, such as:


  • tools such as repair kits, pressure gauges, screwdrivers and pliers, 
  • electronics, such as cameras, laptops and sound systems,
  • spare clothing,
  • provisions, such as water, food and snacks, and medical supplies,
  • essentials like phones, money, and keys.


Considering the sensitive nature of most of this equipment, it’s imperative to keep it safe from water, dust, snow and direct sunlight. It’s also a good idea to keep it secured to your vehicle, to avoid losing it on your treks. 


For the best in security and protection from the elements, look no further than Motovan for all your needs in ATV cargo boxes and bags. Whether you’re looking for a sturdy and fastened cargo box to hold tools in place or a light and weather-proof bag to hold your wallet, phone, and keys, Motovan has just what you need for every spin on your ATV.

No need to worry about having enough space to hold your tools, provisions, spare clothes or other necessities- Nelson Rigg’s spacious UTV Trunk Storage Bag can hold all that and more! 


Measuring 41.5”L x 8”W x 20”H and able to hold 58 litres worth of volume, the bag is designed with 4 zippered storage compartments to maximize your carrying capacity. The 2 main, inner  compartments come with a removal divider that makes one large compartment  when necessary, while the 2 end compartments are easily accessible from the side of the vehicle.


The bag is manufactured from top-quality, UV treated, water resistant Tri-max® Ballistic nylon with Fibertech accents, keeping your items bone-dry at all times. Additionally, reverse coil zippers help keep out the dust and dirt!


For a lighter, but still sizeable, load that doesn’t require extra large ATV cargo boxes and bags, perhaps the RG-MAVERICK X3 REAR DOOR BAG SET from Nelson-Rigg is what you’re looking for.


Sold as a set for right and left doors, each bag has a storage capacity of 4.3 litres, in 2 pouches. Mounted using rear factory-door holes, hardware, and self-fastening straps, the MAVERICK utilizes the full door for maximum storage. 


The bags are UV-treated, water-resistant, and made from UltraMax™ fabric with Fibertech carbon-like accents, assuring a waterproof seal with every ride!


If you need your items close at hand, consider Nelson-Rigg’s RG-MAVERICK X3 FRONT DOOR BAG SET. Sold as a left and right door set, the 2-pocket bag can carry a load of 4.8 liters close to where they can be reached at all times.


The bags mount to the factory door using self-fastening straps, and the protective front knee pad is removable, allowing for maximum storage. Fashioned from UV-treated, water-resistant UltraMax™ fabric with Fibertech carbon-like accents, these bags are waterproof and will keep your items superbly dry. Additionally, the reverse coil zippers help keep out dust and dirt!


Thanks for reading! For more info on ATV cargo boxes and bags, or any other inquiries, feel free to contact us at any time!