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Time to Change My ATV Fuel Filter?

If you’re an avid ATV or motorbike enthusiast, then cranking up your ride to barrel up and down muddy, rocky, or dusty terrain isn’t the only aspect of the hobby you need to pay attention to. An equal if not greater amount of time must be spent on the proper maintenance and upkeep of your vehicle, its parts, and your gear, not the least of which will be your ATV or motorbike fuel filters.


If your bike is running smoothly and your engine purrs like a kitten, chances are your ATV fuel filter is working fine. Industry experts recommend changing the fuel filter every 40 000 kilometres (or 3 years), however, if you start experiencing any one of the following, you may want to consider changing the fuel filter:


  • sputtering or flat-out stopping engine
  • an engine that doesn’t start
  • rough idling
  • low power readout
  • poor mileage per litre


The reason for these symptoms and the possibility of a needed change of the fuel filter ties in directly to its intended function. A fuel filter resides in your tank just before the fuel pump, and helps to ensure the fuel entering your engine is clean and free of debris. Since motorbike and ATV riders spend a majority of their time riding in  muddy, dirty, and dusty conditions, it only stands to reason that over time, a motorbike or ATV fuel filter will get dirty and need to be changed. Once that’s done and clean fuel is entering your engine, you’ll be riding at optimum levels again.


If you’re looking for a motorbike or ATV fuel filter that is both affordable and of the highest quality, look no further than Motovan. Our site boasts a wide variety of fuel filters that can fill the need of any rider in North America and beyond.

At the juncture of the fuel output/intake lines is filter joint or “elbow,”as it is nicknamed. It’s not entirely uncommon for this particular part to get dirty over time, as dust and mud particles can find their way into the compartments. This not only has the effect of releasing those particles into the engine, but can cause fuel and oil to coagulate as well.


As replacement parts go, Visu-Filter’s 1/4″ FUEL LINE, 65-100 MICRON/ELBOW is perfect for 1/4″ fuel lines, allowing for medium filtration at 65-100 microns. With 1.8L/ph capacity and an extremely affordable price tag, you can’t afford not considering this filter joint for your next replacement.

ATV fuel filters are notoriously difficult to change, owing to their positioning in relation to the fuel tank. In older model vehicles, the task was somewhat easier, as the fuel filters were located just outside the tank. However, newer model vehicles have the fuel filters located in the tank, which complicates the process of replacement considerably. In light of this, it’s advisable to follow through with a fuel filter change as soon as you begin the process, rather than just “opening up” the vehicle to see if the fuel filter is the problem.


With your vehicle disassembled and the fuel lines exposed, best to have Visu-Filter’s 1/4″ FUEL LINE, 125 MICRON fuel joint handy. With a 1.9″ diameter for 1/4″ fuel lines, installing this part will have your engine running like new in no time.

Changing your ATV fuel filter is definitely an unenviable, but necessary, task. This is especially true if the performance of your vehicle’s engine is being affected. Aside from making sure your ATV is functioning at optimum capacity, you’ll also want to protect your budget from unwanted and expensive purchases.


Visu-Filter’s 3/16″ FUEL LINE, 60 MICRON fuel filter joint is an affordable choice. Measuring at 1.15″ Dia. for a 3/16″ fuel line, a medium filtration 60 microns and a flow rate 3.2 gal/hr, your ride is guaranteed to be running smoothly in no time!


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