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The Increasing Popularity of the Motorcycle Road Trip

Hopping onto your favourite bike and heading down the highways and byways for a few hours is every motorcycle enthusiast’s favourite way of blowing off steam. Wind in your hair and sun on your back, there’s something almost transcendental about a weekly, nightly, or daily ride, as if a deep connection between you and Something Greater is only capable while on The Ride.

It may surprise some to learn that not only are some motorcycle riders prolonging their rides by weeks and months, but also by great distances, travelling across states, countries and even continents for the experience of indefinite riding. The phenomenon is better known as the motorcycle road trip, and it’s gaining popularity amongst motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world.

Choosing Your Type of Motorcycle Road Trip

A motorcycle road trip can be something as simple as visiting a neighbouring town for lunch and an overnight stay or something as elaborate as flying to London to begin a trans-European tour, as well as everything in between. Deciding how long and how far you wish to travel is obviously dependent on your financial situation and professional and familial obligations, but the trend towards longer trips, in terms of distance and duration, is on the rise. 


To that end, motorcycle enthusiasts are signing up for trips organized and arranged by travel companies who specialize in motorcycle road trips. Through these companies, pre-arranged routes and itineraries for groups of travellers come complete with lodging, tour guides, a travel van for your luggage, and even a pre-selected, fully gassed motorcycle waiting for you in the parking lot of your first hotel to begin your journey. These types of trips are popular both in Europe and the continental United States, and are definitely an experience to be had, but can be rather pricey for those on a modest budget. 


Of course, organizing your own itinerary for a completely self-sufficient trip is just as feasible, but will require more time and carefully well-thought out planning. Aside from lodging, food, and storage for luggage, the upkeep for your personal or rented motorcycle and equipment needs to be accounted for. However, planning your own motorcycle road trip comes with its own benefits, as you can choose your own places to visit, travel at your own pace, and enjoy the experience without having to be beholden to a group of strangers.

Choosing the Clothes and Equipment for your Trip

Whichever option you choose for your motorcycle road trip, you’ll need to prepare for the road extensively in terms of equipment and clothing. After all, keeping both you and your ride functioning at a high-performance level across great distances, duration, and inclement weather will require stocking up on items like jackets, oils, and spare parts, to name a few.


Motovan possesses all these items and many more in abundance. Simply check our website to find what you need for your motorcycle road trip today!


You never know what type of weather you’ll be riding in, especially if you decide to take your motorcycle road trip in a foreign country. In this case, it’s best to wear a jacket like Olympia’s AirGlide 6, which comes with several layers you can peel off or add on in case the weather gets too warm, wet, or cold. You’ll never be caught unprepared with this jacket, and will be ready for whatever Mother Nature throws your way!


Whether you’re travelling locally or internationally, across foreign borders or over the bridge to the next town, you’re going to need a sizable and waterproof backpack to store anything from a laptop to a water bottle to a spare change of clothes. Nelson-Rigg has the perfect backpack with the RG Hurricane. Waterproof, padded, and able to carry up to 40 L of assorted items, this backpack is ideal for those who like to travel light or carry more!

Having some motor oil handy if the engine starts to stall or slow down is always a good idea, and it doesn’t come better than Motul’s Motomix. Coming in a small and compact 2L bottle, this oil mixes instantaneously with gasoline and remains stable, ensuring the efficiency of your machine. This oil will move through all your injector systems amazingly, making sure you aren’t stranded anywhere on your motorcycle road trip!

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