ATV Tires: Ride The Best Offroad Tread

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What ATV Tires Should I Buy?

ATV Tires are here during summer is in full swing, and if you’re an avid ATV or UTV rider, you’re probably taking advantage of the heat and dry conditions to visit your favourite off-road trails. However, dusty terrain is not the only environment ATV or UTV enthusiasts may favour. Most like to ride in almost all seasons including autumn and spring, where rains produce slick and muddy conditions that riders like to test their skills in. Some diehards even like to ride in winter, where shallow snows and hidden ice present particular challenges. 

Regardless of what season (or all) you prefer to ride in, it’s best to ensure you have the right ATV tires for the right terrain. After all, the tires and their tread design will determine what grip your vehicle has on the path in front of it, and specific patterns are better for certain conditions. For example, deeper patterned treads generally work better for rainy or muddy conditions, but may not work as well on compact and solid surfaces, making that style of tire impractical for dry conditions.

Thankfully, Motovan has a wide variety of ATV tires for any season. As well, our item listings indicate which tire will function best under what weather conditions and terrain, making the task of determining which tire to purchase much easier!

Nothing’s more frustrating than getting your vehicle stuck in the mud, but you won’t have to worry about that at all with CST’s Sludgehammer ATV tires. Built for the demands of extreme mud conditions, the Sludgehammers will claw your ATV or UTV out of the deepest mud holes in no time flat. 


The tires feature radial construction, with super-tall tread bars engineered for maximum traction through even the thickest mud. The Sludgehammers are 6-ply rated, which means they are capable of handling heavy loads while also providing a healthy, long tread life. These tires are best for those heavy spring rains that create veritable mudslides on your favourite trails- you’ll be able to move through them like a hot knife through butter!

You’ll never have to worry about getting up rocky terrain again when outfitted with MAXXIS’ ROXXZILLA tires. With an 8-ply-rated radial construction, multi-layer sidewall design, stepped shoulder lugs and a soft tread compound, the ROXXZILLA can clear rocky trails faster than a giant radioactive lizard can destroy Tokyo! 


The ROXXZILLA also boasts a soft rock crawling tread compound,  a high void-ratio in the center, and two layers on the shoulder to improve grip and puncture resistance. A high and multi-layered sidewall design also enhances sidewall traction for rock crawling. 


(An important note: when mounting oversized tires to your ATV or SxS, be sure to check for proper fitment and tire clearance).

Riding through hot and dusty terrain may seem like a standard act for an ATV rider, but without the right tires, you may end up walking home! 


Unless, of course, you’re using CST’s LOBO tires. Built to exceed DOT test standards, the LOBO can handle cruising down the road just as well as the treacherous conditions of Baja and other brutal, desert-like terrain around the world.


Featuring an 8-ply-rated radial carcass engineered specifically for durability, ride comfort, and the heavier loads of larger side-by-sides, the LOBO is the premiere tire for dry, hot, desert-like terrain. The LOBO’s fast-rolling center tread is optimally paired with stepped, aggressive shoulder knobs for exceptional straight-line stability, predictable sliding, and a  better cornering grip, making a ride through Mojave a walk in the park!


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