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The Vital Need for Motorcycle Base Layers

Summer is in full gear right now, but many riders may not be, as they eschew their motorcycle base layers for a loose tank top and some cargo shorts. In those instances we advise them to take note of two important considerations: 

1) summer won’t last forever, and 


As the days get shorter, the nights longer, and the thermometer begins to drop, motorcycle riders need to be prepared for colder and wetter weather in the autumn/spring and early winter. That includes motorcycle base layers, which will not only keep you warm, dry, and comfortable, but provide an added layer of protection in case of a nasty spill or accident.

Which brings us to our second point: SAFETY FIRST! Granted, motorcycle base layers may not be as thick or sturdy as leather or some other more durable and complex artificial fibres, but any extra layer of protection between your skin and the pavement is welcome in the unfortunate event of a mishap.

Motovan carries a wide variety of motorcycle base layers that will not only keep you safe, warm, dry, and comfortable in all seasons, but are also stylishly fashionable for those with a mind for looking good! 

Ride through the autumn in comfort, warmth, and dryness with SIXS’ Long Sleeve Turtleneck. Adorned in a classic yet stylish charcoal black, this turtleneck is particularly suitable for all sports practised at low temperatures or with strong winds. 


It is also designed to protect your skin from excessive perspiration, thus preventing uncomfortable temperature variations, making it perfect for autumn and spring weather. 


Thanks to the SIXS original carbon underwear ® technology, the turtleneck offer top comfort and performance that is bolstered by a unique antistatic system, as the carbon yarn isolates the static electricity caused by the rubbing of fabrics.  The seamlessness on the garment torso, coupled with its breathability and thermoregulation, provides additional comfort for those long spring/autumn rides!

Nothing can lower your body temperature and make you feel wickedly uncomfortable than cold or wet feet. This is especially annoying and potentially hazardous if you still have a couple of hours left on your return ride. 


Keeping your feet dry and warm is no consideration at all with SIXS’ Short Socks. Made of BreathFit Socks® fabric that allows your feet to stay dry all the time, the secret to its effectiveness is the polypropylene fiber. The incorporation of these materials also means that the formation of foul odors and annoying irritations due to build-up of perspiration and chafing are eliminated. The seamless design and comfortable cuff on the calf make this product exceedingly comfortable and high-performing. The hydrophobic weave allows moisture to move to the outside so it can evaporate, leaving your skin always dry and thermoregulated! 


Available in multiple patterns and colors.

Some motorcycle riders like to call it a season early, storing up their bikes in late September or early October and not taking them out again until early May. Most riders prefer to keep the window of opportunity for hitting the road as open as possible, calling it a season only when snow and ice accumulation is significant.


For those late riders, keeping warm in frigid, sub-zero temperatures is a major priority, which is why SIXS’ Carbon Merinos Wool Leggings are such a necessity. Simple and extremely versatile, the weight of the fabric makes this product particularly suitable for use at low temperatures. Ideal for use as underwear or an intermediate layer, the polypropylene layer in contact with the skin prevents accumulation of perspiration, providing unmatched comfort. The merinos wool (one of the natural fibers with the highest insulating capabilities) is properly placed in the outer layer to act as a barrier.


Available in all sizes.


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