Scott Sports: The Pinnacle of Outdoor Sports Eyewear

Author:SEO Troop

Whether you’re zipping up and down dusty hills on your ATV, skimming down the slopes at breakneck speed on your skis, or simply taking an extended jog around your local park, if there’s one thing practitioners of all outdoor sports can agree on, it’s the vital importance of reliable eyewear. After all, one errant rock, particle of dust, or piece of ice can cause severe damage to your eyes, so having a good pair of goggles or shades can mean the difference between having perfect vision or irreparable damage to your eyes. With all the different brands on the market, it may be difficult to decide which to purchase; quality, effectiveness and price being the foremost considerations. Rest assured, your search is over with Scott Sports eyewear. With over sixty years of experience in the field, Scott Sports goggles and shades are the premium choice of eyewear for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Founded in 1958 by avid outdoor sports enthusiast Charley French, Scott Sports has been a leading innovator in outdoor sports equipment, particularly eyewear, for decades. As an extensive vendor and distributor of a wide variety of Scott Sports goggles, shades, and eyewear, Motovan is proud to carry the Scott Sports brand worldwide.

Skim the slopes in style with Scott Sports’ LCG EVO SNOWCROSS WHT/BLK RED CHROME goggles. Sure to catch attention with its flashy yellow-orange-red iridescent glow, the LCG SNOWCROSS goggle is all about vision adaptability. 

The goggles feature interchangeable lenses and the face flange Fit Systems, so riders can fully adapt their vision in all degrees and conditions. The lens technology provides 100% UV protection and a NoFog™ anti-fog treatment. Thanks to its portable low-profile molded lens case, it’s easy and quick to adjust to whatever Mother Nature throws at you!

Taking your ATV out for a spin in any condition carries hazards for your eyes; in wet conditions, there’s the risk of mud, and in dry, the risk of dust. Ever present is the chance a rock or pebble can find its way to your eyes.

Scott Sports’ PROSPECT SAND DUST LS CAMO GREY LS GREY provides the protection you need, rain or shine. You can ride freely without worrying about even the smallest dust or sand particles. This assurance, combined with a big field of vision, the innovative SCOTT lens lock system, articulated outriggers and a light sensitive lens which adapts automatically to sunlight, and you’ll be prepared for any ride ahead!

Purchasing a quality pair of goggles or shades is the first step in protecting your eyes when participating in outdoor sports, but it isn’t the last. Proper maintenance and upkeep of your goggles is necessary to ensure you don’t need to replace them every year. 

One way to do so is to make sure they are cleaned and polished before every ride. The best way to do so is to use a specialized cleaner like Scott Sports’ NO FOG SPRAY .05OZ DISPLAY BX/24. Not only will this spray keep your goggles clean, the chemical treatment will work against fogging with every application.

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