Safe and Secure with Erickson

Author:SEO Troop

Summer is in full swing and for outdoor sports enthusiasts, that means hitching the boat, Sea-doo, or ATV to your trailer and travelling to a cabin in the woods for a fun-filled weekend skimming the lake or hopping the trails. For others, it means hitching a trailer filled with tents, barbecues, fishing equipment, and sleeping bags for an enjoyable and relaxing camping trip. In a few months’ time, when the days are shorter and significantly colder, outdoor sports enthusiasts will be hitching their snowmobiles to their trailers for a spirited romp through winter’s chilly snow dunes. In each of these instances and regardless of the season, outdoor sports enthusiasts are looking for safe, sturdy, and easy to use ratchets and latches to secure their vehicles and trailers for transport. With over 40 years of experience in the business of selling tie-down straps and load securement related items, Erickson products are the last word in safe and secure transport.

As a major distributor and vendor of Erickson products worldwide, Motovan is proud to keep our inventory filled with Erickson ratchets, straps, tie-downs and latches. Motovan stands behind Erickson products with confidence because we know that with Erickson, standing behind vehicles and equipment secured with their ratchets and tie-downs is the safest place you can stand!

You’ll never have to worry about your snowmobile or ATV not making it to its intended destination ever again when using Erickson’s (4) 1″X15′ 2000 LB RATCHETING TIE DOWNS. Wide handle molded rubber handles make tightening easy on the hands, which is much appreciated in the cold winter months. Each ratcheting tie-down measures 1 inch in width and 15 feet in length, and can hold up to 2000 pounds. These straps come with a sewn label that indicates WLL (Working Load Limit), so you’ll never be in doubt as to what you can handle!

Securing vehicles to trailers or flatbeds isn’t just a matter of tying it like you’re Saran-wrapping leftovers- you need a track to lol the vehicle and then secure it. Erickson’s (1) 8′ 6000 LB HORIZONTAL E-TRACK is so smooth to use, it should be criminal!


Simply load the vehicle or wheel onto the track, ratchet tight, and release by pushing down on the red release button. The web rewinds into the storage housing just like a tape measure! Ideal for boat transoms, pickup racks, permanent mounts on utility trailers, and much, much more- the ideas are endless! The construction is lightweight but also extremely sturdy, as it can hold up to 6000 pounds!

Not all outdoor sports are created equal. If you’re an ATV or snowmobile enthusiast then securing your vehicle to a track or secondary transport is relatively easy. However, if you’re a hunter, securing a deer or moose carcass to a trailer isn’t as cut-and-dry.


Erickson’s (4) 1″X6′ 2000 LB SPORTSMAN TIE-D HUNTER are perfect for securing items that don’t follow a predetermined order or can rest easily on a track. Fluid and easily manipulated, each tie-down ratchet is highly visible and combined, can hold a maximum load of 2000 pounds. Each strap measures 1 inch in width and 6 feet in length, so you can secure any game in the forest!


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