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As motorcycle riders take advantage of the summer season and hit the streets in droves, it becomes ever more important to ensure the right helmet is adorning their heads. Of course, safety is of paramount concern, but comfort and style quickly follow on the list of priorities for choosing the right street bike helmets. After all, any rider worth their salt will not only want a helmet that will protect their skulls from any unfortunate accidents, but will also be comfortable on long or short rides and reflect their specific personal style. 


From sporty to classic to easy rider, Motovan offers a wide variety of street bike helmets for even the most discerning rider. Crafted by industry leaders such as Shoei and Zox, each helmet offered by Motovan is DOT certified. Tested under conditions that mimic road impacts, DOT certified helmets are designed to protect the head during the most common forms of motorcycle crash impacts by absorbing the force of the crash rather than resisting the impact. Additionally, Motovan helmets come with various degrees of padding and aeration features that will keep every wearer safe, cool and comfortable on every ride. Lastly, Motovan helmets come in every conceivable color and design, ensuring every rider can express their own aesthetic in any way they wish!

Motovan’s Street Bike Helmets

Here is a small sample of the quality in safety and comfort, as well as the prestige in visual appeal, that Motovan offers its clients with every one of its street bike helmets!


If money is no object and you’re looking for something both sporty and flashy, give Shoei’s X-FOURTEEN AERODYNE TC-1 RED 2XL a look. 


The sleek black and red, aerodynamic design has been strategically shaped to maximize airflow, ensuring the rider stays cool and comfortable. Further, the X-Fourteen’s all-new cheek pad cooling system delivers refreshing air to the rider’s cheek area thanks to channels cut through the EPS liner and corresponding air holes located in the cheek pad foam. In addition to the helmet’s DOT-certified and sturdy outer design, the visor protects against 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays. The CWR-F shield also offers a distortion-free view throughout the entire range of vision, thanks to SHOEI’s 3D injection-molding process. 


In terms of safety, comfort, and aesthetic appeal, they don’t make them better than the X-Fourteen!


For a more classic, traditional, and perhaps most importantly, affordable, helmet, check out Zox’s CONDOR SVS MATTE BLACK XS street helmet. Cool in its understated black matte finish, the look of this helmet radiates a calm authority reserved for those comfortable in the toughest of situations!


Made of lightweight yet extremely durable materials, the shell comes in two EPS sizes, for more comfort and a better fit. Also, each interior EPS layer is both removable/adjustable and washable. The visor boasts an enlarged eye port and integrated inner sun shield SVS (Sun Visor System) for improved visibility. The secure/release adjustable chin strap and quick release buckle guarantees you’ll be able to take the helmet off in a hurry. Without a doubt, the Condor SVS is a sound choice in street bike helmets!


Perhaps a helmet that encompasses your entire head is not to your liking? Perhaps you’d prefer a helmet with an open face but that sacrifices no safety features? A helmet that is simple enough in design, yet flashy enough in appearance to reflect your sense of style and pizzazz? Look no further than Zox’s BANOS STG CANDY RED S helmet!


The helmet comes with a fiberglass shell construction that makes it as safe and sturdy as any other helmet on the market. A thin EPS liner system for a narrower profile shell helps the helmet fit snugly and comfortably on either of its 2 shell sizes, the 2XS-S or M-2XL. Adjustable front vents help with added cooling comfort, making the BANOS STG a welcome addition to any rider’s wardrobe.


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