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So you’ve gone and dragged your ATV through the muddiest terrain this side of a pig stye, and your vehicle looks like something you found at the bottom of a drained swamp. You want to clean your ATV- not only so it looks nice and pretty- but also so the exposed engine doesn’t suffer from any damage and/or degradation. You’ve actually never done this before, so aside from turning the hose on it like a crazed firefighter, it’s perfectly natural to be wondering how to clean your ATV engine. 

The Process of Cleaning Your ATV Engine

How to clean your ATV engine is a lot like how to clean your car, though some important differences arise when you consider the high level of exposure your ATV engine gets to mud and dirt. Routinely and thoroughly cleaning your ATV helps keep your vehicle in good shape to ride, as thick layers of organic substrate can wear down the sensitive parts of your engine.


Cleaning your ATV well will take time and require a space that in itself, may get dirty through the process, so choose your cleaning area wisely. Firstly, you’ll want to use a variety of specialized cleaners and degreasers to go to work on breaking down the muck on your ATV. Apply them thoroughly, and make sure to get all the important areas of your ATV, including the engine, seat, tires, and handlebars. 


After you’ve given enough time for the cleansers and degreasers to do their work, it’s time to rinse your vehicle with your trusty garden hose. Before you do, however, it’s a good idea to use a muffler plug. After all, you don’t want to ruin your engine by having any water running down the exhaust pipe and straight into it!


Once you’ve done your rinse, you can prepare for a general cleaning with a mild detergent/soap and your garden hose. Lather up your ATV with a mit, rag or brush, but be wary of pressure washers. Although they can speed up the cleaning process and remove stubbornly caked on mud and dirt from hard-to-reach places, they are also famous for peeling off paint, decals, and causing other damage, so proceed with caution.


Once you rinse off your ATV, you can attend to your vehicle’s aluminum parts with a specialized cleanser that will not only clean, but bring your vehicle to a state of immaculate luminescence. Once you’ve rinsed off the aluminum cleanser, you can dry your vehicle first, with a heavy towel, and then, with one made of microfibre, for exceptional dryness and residual dust removal. A quick silicone spray polish for a shiny veneer (as well as an additional layer of dust protection) before another pass with the microfibre towel and your ATV and its engine are ready for your next ride!

How to Clean Your ATV Engine: The Products

Learning how to clean your ATV engine may seem like a daunting task when you’re unsure of the process and where to get the proper materials. Motovan offers a wide variety of cleaners, degreasers, and cleaning equipment that will make cleaning your ATV engine as simple as washing your hands!


Keeping the chains around your tires cleared of mud and debris is essential to maximizing your engine’s output, and there’s no better way to do that than with MOTUL’S C1 CHAIN CLEANER. This chlorine-free formula will remove all encrusted deposits of sand, dirt, oil, and grease from your vehicle’s chains, unleashing its full potential for speed and power!


Keep your ATV engine running smoothly with MOTUL’S ATV POWER 4T 100% SYNT 5W40 1L. This 100% synthetic and reinforced formula is supported by anti-wear additives and improved shear resistance that guarantees lifetime gear protection. The oil also boasts an improved film resistance at high temperatures, reducing the wear on your engine significantly. 


The last step in any “How to Clean your ATV Engine” manual would be using a microfibre towel to remove any remnants of water or dust for an extra-bright shine. MAXIMA’S MICROFIBER TOWEL 3-PACK is safe on all surfaces, lint-free, and will get your vehicle to a showroom shine in no time flat!

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