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As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, there’s no doubt that an army of motorcyclists will hit the roads in force and exponentially in the coming. Ardent riders will be taking their bikes out of dusty sheds and garages in droves, priming them for active duty, and prepping them to be showpieces for fellow riders and casual onlookers alike. In preparation for this supremely enjoyable and momentous occasion, a refresher course on how to wash your motorcycle could be useful!


No one wants their first ride of the season to be on a bike that looks like it last saw active duty during World War II, so obviously, there’s an aesthetic appeal to cleaning your motorcycle. After all, the joy of riding through the streets on a shiny steel horse is unparalleled, and will definitely save you a few loads of laundry than if you jumped on a seat complete with an inch of dirt and dust and roared out of your garage. 

Additionally, cleaning out dust and caked-on mud while also engaging in maintenance checks can ensure the proper functioning and longevity of your motorcycle. Consider: dust, dirt, and dried mud can find their way into the engine, wheels, and gears of your bike and cause damage over time, so cleaning them out and reapplying lubricants such as oil and grease is essential. Even a simple task like cleaning your rear-view mirrors (or front shield) is vitally important, as you need your vision to be crystal clear to ensure your safety on the road.        


Learning (or remembering) how to properly wash your motorcycle may not be rocket science, but following the proper steps can sometimes slip your mind. Here are some simple steps to remember:


  1. Cool Off the Engine: Unless you’d like third-degree burn as you’re washing your bike, make sure the engine is off and your bike is nice and cool. 


  1. Wet the Motorcycle: Using a hose, you’ll want to wet the motorcycle to prepare it for the soap.


  1. Soap Up the Motorcycle: Obviously, you’re not going to lather up your bike with Irish Spring or Mr. Clean, unless you’d like to permanently damage your bike’s paint job. Motorcycles need specialized soaps for their finishes. An important thing to remember is to spread the soap on your bike evenly, so every inch of your motorcycle gets the same levels of cleanliness!


  1. Wash the Motorcycle: It’s now time to wash your motorcycle, but make sure you use an ultra-soft mitt and not some random rag or scrub brush. After all, you want to avoid scratches and damage to your paint, so using specialized cleaning mitts is the way to go. 


  1. Rinse all the Soap Off: Rinse your motorcycle thoroughly. Any leftover soap can cause streaks, making your motorcycle look aesthetically displeasing.


  1. Dry the Motorcycle: Using a drying mitt, dry your motorcycle. This will avoid drying spots and streaks from showing on your motorcycle. Pro Tip: turn your engine on. The heat will help dry your bike more thoroughly, just make sure you don’t burn yourself!

Wax and Polish: Put on that final sheen to make your motorcycle look showroom new!


As mentioned, washing and cleaning your motorcycle requires specialized soaps, waxes and equipment that thankfully, Motovan carries extensively. Here are just a few, but browse our website for much, much, more!

The perfect cleaning starter kit for those just learning how to wash and clean their motorycles, the S100 CARE SET includes a Cycle Cleaner, Detail & Wax Application, Corrosion Protectant, Finish Restorer, Soft Sponge, and Drying Towel. An excellent gift for the motorcyclist in your life, and with a price that just can’t be beat!

More powerful than a natural chamois, the S100 has more drying power than other towels, never gets stiff, and is lint-free. It stores in its own plastic pouch and is made from 100% biodegradable materials. Your motorcycle will be free of spots and streaks with the S100 DRYING TOWEL!

Getting your wheels completely clean can sometimes be tricky, but not with the S100 WHEEL CLEANER. Just spray on and allow to stand, then rinse thoroughly. The S100 WHEEL CLEANER will provide complete surface cleanliness and safety for any type of wheel- including those tricky anodized finishes!

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