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Everybody’s heard that boots are made for walking, but for motorcycle boots, were made for riding- and that’s just what they’ll do. However, choosing which boots to wear for that ride depends on a multitude of factors, including the type of ride, its duration, the terrain, and the weather conditions you’ll be moving through. After all, taking a quick ride to the post office on a sunny day (and then maybe stopping for a coffee at a local cafe) would require a different type of boot than off-roading through muddy hills and valleys during a light rainfall.


Knowing what motorcycle boots you should purchase is a matter of knowing which boots are best for the type of riding, terrain, and weather conditions you most frequent, as well as the factory specifications of each particular style of boot you’re choosing from. 

Overall, it can be broken down as follows:

  • Street Boots: Designed for everyday riding, street boots resemble normal shoes and are comfortable and fashionable. However, they are made with highly wear-resistant rubber soles for riding.
  • Touring Boots: As opposed to street boots, touring boots are designed with taller shin guards for protection on longer rides. They are manufactured with abrasion-resistant materials and are malleable to the foot and lower leg.
  • Race Boots: For those who love the track, race boots provide specific protection against heat and abrasion- the principal pitfalls a racing rider might encounter. These boots are often lightweight but extremely durable.
  • Off-Road Boots: For those who like to get down and dirty by motocrossing in muddy, rocky, or dusty terrain, off-road boots are a necessity. Made from highly resistant materials, off-road boots provide maximum reinforcement and protection while sacrificing none of the comfort.
  • Adventure Boots: A hybrid of touring boots and off-road boots, adventure boots are the perfect fit for those who don’t know whether their ride will be a lengthy but leisurely stroll through the city or a full-on off-road trek.

Whether you’re looking for boots for your daily ride to work or something for your off-roading weekends, Motovan and TCX has every boot to fit your needs in a wide variety of styles and colors!

Tour the city and suburbs in style with TCX’s BAJA MID WATERPROOF BOOTS. These touring boots are made from full-grain leather combined with suede and come in classic and stylish brown and black shades. Effective at keeping out the rain and leaving your feet comfy and dry, the soft-padded, ergonomic upper collar and front/rear areas only add to the overall feeling of comfort. The soles are made from a special rubber compound that offers superior stability and traction on any terrain, ensuring high-performance sand safety.

Hitting the tracks has never looked better or been safer with TCX’s SP MASTER AIR BOOTS. Sporting a sleek and contemporary black and white design that fits in perfectly with today’s racing style, these motorcycle boots are also lightweight, comfortable, and reinforced for safety. An ergonomic shin plate integrated into the upper portion of the boot along with a heel guard round out the multiple safety features, while soft-touch perforated microfibres in the front and rear provide better comfort and flexibility.

By daring rugged terrain and adverse weather conditions, motorcycle riders who prefer off-roading need to take their safety into account perhaps more assiduously than other riders, and finding the right pair of motorcycle boots are no exception. TCX’s X-BLAST BOOTS  sport a reinforced microfibre heat guard, shin plate, steel toe cap, and polyurethane heel and ankle guard, ensuring every ride is a safe one!

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