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Motorcycle rain gear for Canadians is often used to prepare for inclement weather, which usually means getting a tuque, scarf, gloves, boots, and a heavy jacket readily available for the 4-6 months of winter snow they have to endure each year. For the other half of the year, Canadians play a delicate balancing act between dressing for scorchingly hot and humid summer days, and days where the blowing wind and falling rain are so voluminous, it feels like the monsoon season. 

The situation is exceedingly more difficult for motorcyclists and revolves around two issues: comfort and safety. 

COMFORT: Obviously, staying dry while going for a ride is important. After all, riding for long distances and times while your clothes are soaked to your skin isn’t exactly the most comfortable feeling in the world, and takes away from the overall enjoyment of your trip. 

SAFETY: A wet and cold body is more susceptible to hypothermia, especially if there’s nowhere close for a motorcyclist to stop, shelter from the rain, dry off, and get warm. Additionally, rain can make some surfaces slicker, making traction for things like boots and tires an issue. The last thing any motorcyclist wants is for them or their motorcycle to slip and cause a potentially serious accident, so getting rainproof gear is a must. 

In this day and age, no motorcycle enthusiast needs to be anything but warm, snug, and comfortable while they ride. Motovan offers a wide variety of motorcycle rain gear that will ensure dry comfort and safety for every one of its customers, for every one of their trips!

A jacket that is warm, comfortable, and rainproof is an essential piece of motorcycle rain gear for any motorcyclist who envisions riding in seasons beyond the summer. Olympia Gear makes a sleek and stylish jacket that sports a unique though contemporary design with the HORIZON RAIN JACKET. Available in neon yellow, neon orange, or matte pewter, the jacket boasts an outer shell that’s constructed in a sturdy, lightweight, waterproof, and breathable ripstop nylon that is sure to keep you bone-dry in even the heaviest of downpours. A stow-away, under helmet hood complete with a rubberized neck gator provides full circumference waterproof protection for your head and neck, while two exterior waterproof pockets ensure your phone, wallet, and keys are equally protected!

Anyone who’s ever accidentally sat in a lawn chair holding a puddle of water from the previous night’s storm knows how infuriatingly uncomfortable it is. It may be easy to run back into the house to change your pants and underwear when you’re in your backyard, but it’s just a tad more difficult when you’re out on the open road and the rain starts to fall. 


As motorcycle rain gear goes, Nelson Rigg’s AS-250 ASTON RAIN PANTS make sure you never have to face that eventually again. These 100% rainproof pants boast oversized zipper gussets and elasticized ankle cuff and boot stirrups that form a protective seal around your lower body, allowing no water droplets to permeate through. Heat-resistant materials in the legs protect them from brief contact with engine or exhaust parts, keeping your lower body not only dry but safe from burns!

Keeping your feet dry goes a long way in making sure you stay comfortably dry on your ride, to say nothing of keeping your shoes or boots protected from mud and debris. 


Designed to be worn under pants or chaps, Nelson Rigg’s WPRB-100 WATERPROOF RAIN BOOT COVERS are worn over your shoes or boots to protect them from rain and moisture. Made from 100% waterproof polyester with PVC backing, the reflective binding helps with night visibility while the rubberized 1/2 sole increases strength and durability.

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