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Author:SEO Troop

A Zox helmet is like spring inching ever forward with each passing day, motorsport enthusiasts are eagerly dusting off their equipment for the earliest possible use, (if they haven’t already taken their vehicle out for an impromptu ride). Of course, ensuring everything from your boots to your jacket is in pristine condition is a definite must before you hit any roads, trails, or rugged terrains. However, if there’s one item that can be seen as more crucial than any other to keep in tip-top shape, it’s definitely the helmet. After all, protecting your head from serious or even slight injury should be at the forefront of every rider’s mind.

Thankfully, Motovan has a wide variety of helmets available for all motorsport enthusiasts from a Zox Helmet, one of Canada’s premier manufacturers of motorsport safety gear. Lightweight and sporting excellent ventilation and UV protective lenses, Zox helmets are 100% DOT certified, ensuring maximum protection for every rider. If style is a concern, Zox offers a wide variety of helmets in classic or sporty designs, with a multitude of colors and patterns to whet the desire of even the most discerning customer. Zox helmet quality commitment to comfort and ease of use is also unparalleled, as many of their helmets come with machine-washable interiors, customizable visors, and one-click straps. Best of all, a Zox Helmet will run you somewhere between $50 – $120 dollars on average- an extremely affordable helmet when you consider the quality and care put into the product. 

Here are a few examples of Zox Helmet’s commitment to safety, comfort, style, and affordability!

If you’re looking for a sleek, streamlined, and aerodynamic helmet that will make passersby wonder if you just came back from the future, check out Zox’s CONDOR SVS ENVOY helmet. Available in steel grey, red, blue, and black matte colors, the CONDOR SVS ENVOY is as constructed for safety and comfort as it is for style. The helmet sports an enlarged eye port for improved visibility, while integrating an inner Sun Visor System (SVS) to protect your eyes from bright lights and UV rays. Lightweight and comfortable, the helmet’s inner straps are easily secured and released with a quick-release buckle, while the flip-up jaw securely closes and opens effortlessly.

Off-roading is simultaneously an exhilarating and potentially dangerous experience, but thanks to Zox’s creation of the Z-DS10 (STITCH) helmet, riders can suit up and hit their preferred terrain with a lot more confidence and security. DOT certified and constructed of lightweight but highly durable polycarbonate shell, the Z-DS10 (STITCH) helmet was also designed with comfort in mind, as the interior is made from an impact-absorbing, breathable, anti-bacterial material that is both removable and machine-washable. The hi-flow adjustable venting in the shell and interior ensures no rider will overheat, while the anti-fog/anti-scratch hard coated main shield protects your visibility on every ride!

If taking a spirited though leisurely ride through some scenic roadways is more your speed, maybe the BANOS STG (CAMO) is more your speed. Protecting the skull and cranium but allowing more freedom for your face, chin, and neck, the BANOS STG (CAMO) provides both adequate protection and maximum comfort. The fiberglass shell construction meets and even exceeds DOT standards, and comes in two shell sizes: 2XS-S and M-2XL. A removable neck curtain is included for protection from the sun, debris, and sweat, and the helmet comes with Zox’s standard quick-release chin strap, for comfort and ease!

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