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Canadians are rapidly approaching that infamous time of year where deciding what to wear in the morning becomes as complex as assembling IKEA furniture without tools or instructions. A frosty and frigid, overcasting morning could give way to a sunny and bright, temperate afternoon that turns into a flash rainstorm by the late-evening drive home. Preparing for that can mean a winter jacket in the morning, shorts and a light jacket in the afternoon and a heavy jackets, jeans and umbrella in the late evening!


The situation is compounded for motorcycle riders. On the one hand, motorcycle jackets are designed to keep riders both warm and protected, but on the other, can get uncomfortable and hot iif the weather changes. 

Olympia Gear has taken all this into consideration in the design of its motorcycle jackets. Olympia jackets employ a three layer system that ensure every rider can be comfortable in the cold, heat, and rain.

Made of a meshed cordura fabric, the primary layer of many of Olympia’s jackets is extremely breathable, making them excellent for riding in warm weather. The secondary layer acts as insulation and is removable, making it easy to add to the primary layer for added warmth. Finally, a waterproof membrane is available as both an inner or outer layer, keeping you safe from sudden rain and inclement weather!

Truly thinking about every aspect of element exposure for its customers, Olympia jackets can keep their wearers warm, dry and comfortable on every ride. Motovan carries a wide variety of Olympia jackets to fit the needs of every rider!

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Exemplifying the three layer system that makes Olympia jackets among the best for riders to use, the MEN’S AIRGLIDE 6 MESH TECH JACKET is the best for all-season riding. From warm to cool to unexpected showers, the Airglide 6 is capable of handling any situation.


The outer shell is constructed in 500D and 1000D Cordura® fabric, which provides both protection and warmth. However, the Airglide 6’s ballistic airflow mesh panels also allow for excellent ventilation, making your ride cool and comfortable. The waterproof layer not only keeps you dry from any sneak rainstorms, but comes with its own storage bag for the ultimate in convenience of use.



If staying dry is of paramount concern, the MEN’S DAKAR 3 JACKET may be for you. Also employing Olympia’s signature 3-layer system in its design, the DAKAR 3 JACKET is notable in that it’s rainproof layer is made of a sturdy, yet breathable, waterproof material that also has a storm flap front closure. It also has a ripstop nylon shell, adjustable cuffs, and a reflective detailing at the front and back, making you visible in even the worst conditions.


For those looking for a jacket that’s geared towards warmer weather, the WOMEN’S EVE 2 MESH TECH JACKET is the perfect fit! Lighter and more breathable, the EVE 2’s massive balistic mesh panels and removable,  waterproof membrane make this the perfect Olympia jacket for both the spring and summer. Ultra light and versatile, the EVE 2 provides unrivalled comfort and protection for every rider! 

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