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Motorcycle helmet sheild for most Canadians riders are firmly in the grasp of “winter’s home stretch,” that period in late February-early March where seasonal thaws and unwelcome snowstorms have everyone anxiously crossing the days off their calendar until April rolls around. 


For motorcycle, ATV, and UTV enthusiasts, it also means awaiting the day they can dust off their rides for a few hours of well-earned outdoor excitement and relaxation. 


Of course, when any new season cycles around, it’s time to rethink and perhaps update your gear. 


As equipment goes, it doesn’t get any more vital than a helmet. Aside from obviously being necessary to protect your skull from kinetic injury, a motorcycle helmet’s shield serves to protect your eyes from dust, debris, and light saturation. 


From novice to professional alike, every rider will need to take the following styles and functions into account when choosing a motorcycle helmet shield:

Transparent VS Shaded

Most standard motorcycle helmet shields are clear and transparent, providing excellent UV and dust particle protection. Perfect for riding at night or on cloudy days, transparent shields don’t  afford much protection for your eyes on clear days, since the light transmissibility is so good. 

On days where the sun is in full view, you’ll need a shield that’s tinted in dark smoke. Offering only 25% light transmissibility and full UV protection, a dark smoke shield will protect your eyes from the sun’s piercing glare.

Chrome, Yellow, & Everything In Between

Various options exist for riders who don’t necessarily venture out at either extremes of the sun’s radiance. 


For those who happen to ride on overcast or rainy days, shields in Hi-Def Yellow provide perfect visibility. 


For those who want to look stylish on sunny days, the Chrome shield keeps your eyes protected from the sun while shielding them from the gaze of any passers-by. 


Finally, for those who want to be prepared for any type of climate condition, there’s Photochromic shields that actually adapt to the level of light that hits their surface.


Does every rider need every one of these shields on-hand when they ride? Of course not! However, it’s always good to know your options to make informed decisions about your purchases.


Motovan has you covered – no matter what you choose!

Shoei motorcycle helmet shield


Traditionally, riders deal with changing light conditions by carrying two shields (one clear, one tinted) with them at all times. Transitions® adaptive shields not only eliminate the need to carry multiple shields, they actually enhance vision by seamlessly adjusting to optimized darkness levels with the changing light, with 30-80% transmissibility, depending on conditions. 


When Transitions® shields are exposed to UV light, trillions of photochromic molecules in the shield begin to change structure. This reaction is what causes the shields to darken. The superiority of Transitions® brand technology lies in their exclusive, patented formulas. The molecules constantly and smoothly re-calibrate so the optimal amount of light reaches your eyes whether you’re in bright sunlight or under cloud cover!

shoei helmet shield


Spending hundreds of dollars on a variety of different helmet shields can be a costly and cumbersome venture, especially for those who love riding but are on a tight budget.


Shoei, the world’s premiere helmet manufacturer, has recognized this and provided consumers with both a dark smoke and hi-def yellow helmet shield that are both affordable and easy to carry! Fastening easily to almost any helmet, these stylish sun visors can definitely provide the same UV protection as the more expensive brands, as well as optimum visibility on clear or overcast days.

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