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With the Covid-19 pandemic routinely shutting down restaurants, movie theaters, gyms, and a vast multitude of other places people like to go to relax, be entertained, and get in shape, motorcycle enthusiasts the world over have been logging in more time on their bikes. After all, striding the highways and byways on a two-wheeled engine has yet to be restricted, but more time on the road means more wear and tear on your machine- a serious thing to consider if you’ve been furloughed and money is tight. In cases like this, considering the health of your cycle’s battery may be more prevalent than it was before March 2020.

Still, feeling a sense of stress relief and the freedom to escape the pandemic blues is priceless, and with a little conscientious attention paid to the choice and upkeep of your motorcycle battery, you can do so without worrying about wearing down your equipment or spending money you don’t have to replace it. Of course, routine upkeep of your motorcycle battery (including routine spot checks for physical damage or loose wires, proper cleaning, and measured but consistent charging) will ensure its longevity, but in the event you find yourself needing a new battery or accessories, it’s good to know that Motovan has you covered!

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As every rider knows, a conventional motorcycle battery contains acids that produce a chemical reaction that creates the electrical charge that roars your steel stallion to life. However, those acids are extremely dangerous if they get spilled, and not just for exposed skin- the environment also suffers if the acids get leaked into sinks, sewers, and other drainage systems.


DURABATT’S LITHIUM BATTERIES are environmentally friendly, nontoxic, and recyclable- making them a perfect match for the environmentally conscious consumer. The ultra high-power, lithium-iron-phosphate technology provides high energy density with only 1/3 of a lead-acid battery’s weight, not only matching a conventional battery’s output, but making it up to 10 pounds lighter! 

It’s what every rider dreads as they straddle their motorcycle and flick the ignition- instead of the roar of an engine, there’s a sickly sputter or even worse, no sound at all. 


In the instances where you need a jump to get your engine going again, it’s best to be prepared with your own jumper cables than have to rely on chance and the kindness of strangers. DURABATT BATTERIES’ JUMP CABLE WITH CLAMPS are small, lightweight, and can easily fit in a motorcycle’s storage compartment or even a jacket pocket. Your motorcycle battery will never be without a boost again!

Motorcycle batteries are not the only thing you’ll want to keep an eye on when it comes to wear and tear. Spring, summer, fall, or winter, if you’re out riding for longer than usual then ensuring your tires are fully inflated will be another concern. This is especially true if the time and place you notice your tires may be a little flat are out on the open road and not the safety and comfort of your garage. 


DURABATT BATTERIES’ PORTABLE MINI AIR COMPRESSOR can put your fears to rest on that front. Compact and easily fitting in a motorcycle storage compartment, this multifunctional air compressor functions at a maximum pressure of 80psi, making your flat as good as new in no time!

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