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Canadian distributor clients have always enjoyed a special relationship with our neighbors to the south, especially when it comes to things like mass media and entertainment, vacationing, and the ease of engaging in business and commerce. Despite that close and often facilitated relationship, there are often bumps in the road when it comes to the availability and pricing of specialized American goods and services for Canadian buyers, especially in the Powersports industry. Any Canadian Powersports enthusiast will tell you that oftentimes that “particular” part or piece of equipment they’re looking for just isn’t sold to buyers outside the United States and if it is, shipping costs are so high that it makes the purchase unenviable. 

As a leading Canadian distributor for over 40 years, Motovan is proud of its commitment to providing the highest quality, brand-name equipment, parts, and services for Canadian Powersports enthusiasts. Whether it’s motocross, snowmobiling, or motorcycling in the spring, summer, fall, or winter, Motovan is committed to providing any and everything needed for its uniquely Canadian clientele. From Shoei helmets that will protect your cranium on a summer highway motorcycle joyride to an Olympia heated jacket that will keep you warm on your dawn snowmobile sojourn through a wintery backfield wonderland, Motovan has it all! Guaranteeing the best in quality, price, and style, Motovan is the Canadian distributor that delivers to its distinctly Canadian customers through all seasons and terrains!

shoei helmets - canadian distributor

When it comes to the best in motorcycle helmets and protective headgear, it doesn’t get more reputable than SHOEI. An international standard in quality and style for over 50 years, Motovan is proud to carry a wide variety of SHOEI helmets such as the sleek and sturdy RF-1200.


The aerodynamic design belies a lightweight and extremely durable construction of fiberglass and organic fibers, providing maximum protection for every rider. The inner lining (Dual-Layer, Multi-Density EPS liner) not only provides enhanced impact absorption by utilizing varying densities of foam in key areas around the rider’s head but it is also designed to allow cooling air to travel unrestricted through tunnels created in the EPS – a definite bonus for those riding in the summer months! Don’t let the simple black design put you off- the RF-1200 comes in a literal rainbow of colors, from canary yellow to wine maroon!

olympia expedition - canadian distributor

In many parts of Canada, riding in the spring or autumn means being prepared for all the seasons to unleash their worst in one day. That morning ride through some cold rain or light snowfall could easily give way to a clear afternoon where the sun’s glare can magnify the heat on black or leather clothing, and a Canadian rider has to be prepared for both contingencies at once!


OLYMPIA GEAR has jackets for just such occasions (and many others), like the WOMEN’S EXPEDITION 2 TRANSITION ALL SEASON JACKET. Comprised of 3 layers (an outer shell that protects from wind and the elements, an over-or-under waterproof rainjacket for especially hard downpours, and an inner lining to keep you toasty warm) this exquisite jacket will keep any rider, safe, stylish, and comfortably warm!

zero factor gloves - canadian distributor

Skimming snow dunes on a skidoo or snowmobile is par for the course for many Canadians during the winter. Of course, doing so comfortably and safely means keeping your hands warm and dextrous enough to handle both the controls and potential emergency situations that may pop up on your ride. 


ZERO FACTOR’S HI-GRIP LEATHER GLOVES fit that bill perfectly, keeping your hands warm while offering the full use of your fingers (as opposed to mittens). Made of durable but pliable cowhide, the gloves are simultaneously waterproof, breathable, and are outfitted in the palms with reinforced Kevlar® for better gripping. As a conscientious Canadian distributor of quality Powersport equipment, Motovan keeps these popular gloves readily stocked to ensure a warm and comfortable winter for its winter sports enthusiasts!

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