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How to ride a snowmobile with the Covid-19 pandemic shutting down bars, restaurants, and movie theatres all over the country, most Canadians are facing the prospect of a winter season spent maximizing their time with Netflix. 

Of course, for ardent winter sports enthusiasts, lockdowns just mean more time outdoors on their skates, skis, or snowmobiles. After all, zipping through wooded trails and pristine, snow-covered fields on your trusty skidoo is something the government hasn’t outlawed yet!

Aside from enjoying the crisp winter air all by your lonesome, this may also be a perfect time to get your neighbour, best friend, or distant family member into the hobby of snowmobiling- (from a respectable social distance, of course). Prying them from their couches for some fresh air and exercise can be considered an altruistic act of concerned citizenship in these strange and unprecedented times, and making sure you teach your willing (or not-so-willing) apprentices the proper ins-and-outs of snowmobiling should also be one of your priorities. 

Riggs Gear

Staying adequately hydrated is an important part of any outdoor sport, whether it’s summer or winter. That presents a unique problem in sub-zero temperatures, where water can freeze quickly if it is kept still for too long.


RIGG GEAR has solved that problem with the TRAILS END FUEL BOTTLE BAG. The bag keeps the accompanying bottle protected by the elements, and is able to hold up to 30 ounce bottles. The roll top closure ensures the bottle stays secure, while the four webbing straps and buckles can mount to most racks, ensuring you have enough water for any trip!


When learning to ride a snowmobile (or any outdoor winter activity for that matter) staying warm will be one of your paramount concerns.


Having a jacket that is both warm and wind-resistant is a must, but having one that is electrically heated ensures you’ll never feel cold outdoors again! OLYMPIA GEAR’S NORTH BAY HEATED JACKET is designed to deliver more warmth and durability with 12 volts of quad-zone heating! Machine washable, the jacket features a temperature control on the left side near the chest and has wires in the sleeves that connect to heated gloves!

In many ways, learning how to ride a snowmobile is a lot like being a scout, with the motto “always be prepared” is foremost on your mind. Preparation means having food, water, spare clothes, a first aid kit, some maps, and a phone with you on all your trips, but where to store it on a snowmobile? 

TURBULENCE’S SNOWMOBILE CARGO BOX attaches to almost any snowmobile, giving you an added compartment to store emergency items and essentials for any trip!

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