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With Halloween in the rearview mirror, it’s time for ladies snow pants and Christmas on the horizon, winter sports enthusiasts are anxiously staring out their windows, eagerly awaiting the first snowfall to hit the ice, trails, or slopes. 

From dawn to dusk, keeping warm while skiing, skating or snowmobiling is of paramount importance to all the ladies in the Great White North, especially for those who are outdoor motor sport enthusiasts. In many cases, that means finding a pair of comfortable and durable snow pants that are not only affordable, but can accent your unique style. 

Look no further than Motovan to accommodate all your needs in ladies’ snow pants, especially when considering:

Comfort: If you’re going to spend hours in a pair of snow pants, they need to be warm and fitted to your preference. Also, they should be designed and constructed to allow for cooling down and minimize the effects of excess sweat.

Durability: Nobody wants any article of clothing- much less those that have heavy use like a pair of snow pants- to be useless after a few instances of wear. A pair of ladies’ snow pants should be made with great precision and care, and of highly durable materials. After all, outdoor winter sports are expensive enough, and nobody wants to have to stretch their budget buying new snow pants after every season.

Style: Clothes don’t just keep you warm, they’re a mode of personal expression. Whether you want to stand out on the slopes or blend in on the trails, a pair of ladies’ snow pants should respect how you want to express yourself in terms of fashion and style.

Motovan offers a wealth of different ladies snow pants that fulfill all these criteria and more! 

Here are just a few:

Ladies Snow Pants Olympia Gear

Accommodating weather in Canada is often difficult, especially at the change of seasons. Even before the effects of climate change became pronounced, it wasn’t uncommon for the weather to go from winter cold to summer heat in the morning to the evening of the same day!

For those ladies who prefer riding when the weather has as much a chance of being wet and humid as it does being cold and snowy, check out Olympia Gear’s WOMEN’S SENTRY WATERPROOF PANTS. Constructed with a combination of 600 D poly EVO THREAD™ fabric and 1000 D ballistic poly panels, the lightweight material and extra (removable) insulation/lining will keep you warm and dry in even the heaviest downpour.

Ladies Snow Pants Heated

The fine minds at Olympia Gear have created the Holy Grail of winter wear in the NORTH BAY HEATED PANTS. A 12 volt, fused-battery hook up from your snowmobile to 2 large heating pads along the legs of the pants will make sure you stay toasty warm on any run. The heating control at the left thigh accommodates your personal heating preferences while the classic black design ensures additional heat through light absorption from the sun. The best part? It’s machine washable!

Preferences for temperature are a lot like preferences for food: some like it hot and spicy while others prefer something cool and muted. 


For those ladies who hate the heat, Olympia Gear’s WOMEN’S EXPEDITION TRANSITION ALL-SEASON PANTS are a comfortable and stylish way to ride through the year. Designed in a contemporary yet classic black and white pattern, these pants allow full ventilation with a (removable) waterproof lining that will keep you warm and dry if the need arises!


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