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Canadians and Motovan Canada have always enjoyed a close relationship with our neighbours to the south. On both sides of “the friendliest border in the world,” Canadians and Americans have both benefited from long standing economic, political, and cultural ties.


For Canadians, having the benefit of being close enough to travel to some of the most beautiful and famous destinations on the continent, as well as having access to a variety of American media, have been both enriching and entertaining for decades.


Despite the availability and abundance of these experiences, there are some things that remain either distinctly American or Canadian. After all, not all American media is accessible to Canadians, nor are some goods and services. Conversely, although some Americans have routine experiences with harsh winters, it pales in comparison to the mountainous snowfalls and frigid temperatures of even the most tepid Canadian cities.

That’s why when it comes to winter (and motor) sports goods, services, and equipment, Canadians should rely on a homegrown company that understands their particular needs. With over 4 decades of experience in quality, expediency, cost-effectiveness and dedicated service under their belts, Motovan Canada is every Canadian’s #1, one-stop shop for everything winter and motor sports-related. 

One of the leading national distributors of winter and motor sports goods in the country, Motovan Canada is distinguished from all other companies by its passion: passion for quality, passion for service, and perhaps most of all, passion for outdoor motor sports and riding in every season. 

Motovan prides itself on providing its Canadian customers with high-quality items from recognized brands like Shoei, Motul and Olympia, to name a few. Moreover, they offer these items at bargain prices that avoids the exchange rate and import charges Canadians would have to endure by ordering from the United States. 

Expedient and efficient service is also important to Motovan. Thankfully, being a Canadian-based company avoids shipping logjams at the border that have been further exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

But above all, Motovan Canada intimately knows the type of terrain and conditions that Canadians ride through all year round because season after season, year after year, and decade after decade, they’ve ridden through it themselves, as passionate advocates of all-season motor sports. 

And that’s the type of expertise every Canadian motor sport enthusiast can count on- no matter what.

Motovan Canada Brigade

A superior example of Motovan Canada’s commitment to providing quality items at competitive prices, ZOX’S BRIGADE SVS SNOW HELMET combines comfort, style, and safety in one beautiful piece of headgear. Skimming the snow dunes on your snowmobile will never seem more peaceful or exhilarating, as the helmet is designed for noise reduction by using controlled venting. The jaw section is easily raised with gloves on and is designed for added space- improving your comfort and safety by reducing fogging.

Motovan Canada HG3 Heated

A luxury item to be sure, but FIVE GLOVES’ HG3 HEATED & WATERPROOF BATTERY OPERATED GLOVES are definite musts for motorcyclists or skidoo riders who like to stay out till the lights go out in extreme temperatures. Two separate 7.4v Li-polymer batteries will keep your hands warm on 3 heating levels. Full-grain goatskin construction offers flexibility and added protection from the elements, while underneath the leather, memory foam affords metacarpal-knuckle protection in the case of contact or abrasion.

https:/Motovan Canada Goggles/

Making sure you see the path ahead of you should be one of the main concerns of any rider, especially if it’s snowing. Motovan has all of its Canadian winter motor enthusiasts covered on that front with SCOTT’S LCG EVO SNOW CROSS GOGGLES. Interchangeable lenses and a face flange Fit System affords riders the opportunity to fully adapt their vision to inclement weather. With a pair of these goggles, you’ll be ready for anything Mother Nature throws at you.

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