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For many, a stylish pair of sunglasses Canada is the perfect accent to an outfit, telling the world they’re as playfully coquettish as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s or as imposingly badass as Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2. Yet for many outdoor enthusiasts, sunglasses are not just a fashion statement but a necessary piece of equipment that contributes substantially to their safety. After all, it’s hard to imagine a motorcycle rider tearing down the highway on a clear summer day without a pair of sunglasses. That crucial piece of eyewear could mean the difference between someone enjoying their ride safely or getting into a potentially fatal accident because they were momentarily blinded at the wrong moment. 

It’s also wrong to think that sunglasses are only necessary when it’s “beach weather.” For anywhere from 2-4 months out of the year, the Canadian landscape is covered with ice and snow. These are excellent reflective surfaces and can magnify the sunlight’s albedo (reflectivity) by close to 90%. This is no shock to many Canadian outdoor winter enthusiasts, who have to contend with multiple more reflective surfaces streaming light into their eyes when they skate, ski, or skidoo. This adds another layer of potential danger and injury to already potentially risky pastimes. 

For outdoor sports and activity enthusiasts of any season, having a good pair of sunglasses that can both protect your vision both effectively and stylishly are a must. For the best sunglasses in Canada (as well as their accessories) look no further than Motovan.

sunglasses canada enforcer

For many outdoor activity enthusiasts, getting the right look goes hand-in-hand with both getting the right feel and being safe when they’re engaged in the hobby they love so dearly. If you’re searching for a look that simultaneously projects an aura of cool calmness and “back off” badassery, look no further than BOBSTER’s ENFORCER sunglasses. These stylishly simple black sunglasses will have you channelling your inner nightclub bouncer as you ride your ATV or snowmobile through whatever terrain you see fit. 


The classic design comes in both medium and large sizes and in three sets of lenses: anti-fog smoked, amber, and clear. The single lens design is impact-resistant due to being constructed out of polycarbonate. The frame, (also polycarbonate) has a soft touch finish that makes wearing them as comfortable as they are protective. Speaking of protection, BOBSTER’s ENFORCER sunglasses provide 100% UV Protection and are CE approved.

sunglasses canada trout

If you’re a fan of the open water and enjoy activities like parasailing, jet skiing or even fishing, then you’ll want a pair of sunglasses that not only protects against glare but is secure on the face and conspicuous against a solid background.


The mock-leopard print of BOBSTER’s TROUT OUTDOORSMAN sunglasses make them supremely noticeable and are a stylishly stark contrast to the plain black frames of most sunglasses. The polycarbonate frame has internal rubber temple tips to help keep the glasses in place behind the ears. Also, rubberized nose pads help eliminate frame slipping while in warm temperatures or while sweating. The sunglasses also boast polarized lenses that enhance your clarity of vision, contrast for ground level objects, and ability to view into the water. Even if not on the water, these lenses ease eye fatigue and reduce the sun’s glare under any conditions!

sunglasses canada forcer

Taking into account the wide range of weather conditions we have to face (oftentimes in the same day), searching for the right sunglasses in Canada can be a bit of a chore. Sometimes, less is more, and a bit of transparency in the lenses can go a long way in terms of clarity of vision.


BOBSTER’s FORCE sunglasses Canada boast anti-fog photochromic lenses that go from clear to smoked with the intensity of the light source, giving both protection and clarity to their wearers. The sunglasses also have a removable magnetic closed cell foam, allowing the wearer to change lenses with ease.  Additionally, the included goggle strap allows the wearer to remove the stems and insert the strap to turn these sunglasses into goggles! This versatile frame gives the wearer plenty of options, wherever adventure takes you! May the Force be with you! 


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