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While our American neighbours anxiously await their turn at a home-cooked turkey dinner and hours of watching football, for Canadians, skidoo parts Canada and Thanksgiving has come and gone. However, whether you make your home north or south of the border, Thanksgiving is the unofficial marking post for the beginning of autumn, a time when days get shorter, nights get longer, and a distinct chill enters the air that can only mean one thing: winter is coming.

Game of Thrones quotes aside, outdoor winter sports enthusiasts await the first snowfall of the season with the giddy anticipation of a seven year-old on Christmas morning. Although climate change may be cutting that enjoyment short in some parts of the continent, most North Americans (Canadians especially) can expect a solid eight weeks of cold, white powder to make all their winter wonderland dreams a reality.

For most, that means lacing up their skates for a spirited game of hockey at a local sports center or outdoor rink. For others, it’s enjoying an afternoon of sliding down ski slopes at top speed and resting in the evening at the lodge with a hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire. For some, winter is a time to break out the skidoo for a spirited romp through clear white plains, snow-packed hills, or powdered forest trails. For those happy adventurers looking to optimize their winter fun by getting the best skidoo parts in Canada, look no further than Motovan- they’ve got everything any skidoo enthusiast would need and more!

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Finding durable, efficient, and low-cost skidoo parts in Canada may seem like a no-brainer considering our harsh winters and love of outdoor winter sports and activities, but it can be more challenging than the average consumer believes. Finding a vendor you can trust with quality goods, especially for a vital piece of equipment like a snowmobile belt that gives your skidoo more power, traction, and efficiency, is vitally important.


Motovan offers a wide variety of snowmobile belts for all needs and wants, like ULTIMAX XS’ SNOWMOBILE BELT. Designed for modern, high-powered skidoos, ULTIMAX XS SNOWMOBILE BELTS deliver peak power and efficiency for high-performance on the track or on the trail. This belt features a specially formulated rubber compound found in no other snowmobile belt, which assures the consumer of superior performance and longer belt life. The ULTIMAX XS can handle brutal power and extreme temperatures better than any other belt on the market, making you ride harder and longer, with consistent performance and ultimate grip!

For the amount of time we Canadians spend playing sports and engaging in winter activities, most would think we’ve built some sort of immunity to the cold and harsh climate. The truth is, Canadians are just as susceptible to the cold as anybody else, and are always looking for new and efficient ways to stay warm while skiing, skating or skidooing.

For skidoo enthusiasts who like to stay outdoors for as long as possible, keeping the feet warm for both comfort and to stave off frostbite may be of paramount concern. In this case, an essential skidoo part for any Canadian would be ZERO FACTOR’s HEATED INSOLES KIT. Working on all 12 volt systems and requiring low electrical drainage (less than 1 amp per insole), these electrically heated insoles stay in your boots and can be easily plugged and unplugged for optimum comfort. The insoles can be cut to fit most adult shoes sizes, while their specially designed stretch power cords allow flexibility and comfort even in low temperatures.

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Part of the magic of the winter season is introducing your kids to it, which means building snowmen, making snow angels, and enjoying some fresh maple taffy. Of course, teaching your kids to skate, ski, snowboard, and skidoo comes with the winter territory as well, but waiting until they’re the appropriate age and can participate in these activities safely is a wise and prudent decision every parent should make.


When that time comes, however, any parent would be happy for an added layer of protection for their child, especially if they’re zipping through snow dunes on a skidoo. TURBULENCE’s CHILD RETENTION SYSTEM gives you the peace of mind to ride with your child while assuring their safety. Easily attachable to a skidoo seat, the apparatus sports an intermediate cushion with grips to prevent the child from sliding between the rider and the seat. The apparatus also has a helmet support pad behind the neck with an integrated reflector for increased comfort, stability and visibility. It also comes with a quick release clip system should the need to detach from the skidoo become of paramount importance.


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