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Simlar to Motorcycle Shops for adults, as children, there was probably no other place on earth that held more pure joy and fascination than a toy store. Whether it was building the latest Lego playset, picking up a flashy Hot Wheels vehicle or picking up a new outfit for Barbie, wandering the aisles and choosing the latest toy and its accompanying accessories was a source of tremendous fun and amusement.

People may have gotten older and the toys may have changed, but that feeling of pure joy and fascination has followed most people into their hobbies. For motorcycle enthusiasts, it comes from entering that most sacred of places, the motorcycle shops. There, all the familiar joys of searching for new toys and accessories while wandering the aisles returns, and visions of barrelling down the highways with the newest jacket, helmet, or spoiler propel your latest purchases.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing restrictions may have put a damper on visiting local motorcycle shops. Thankfully, the dawn of the digital age has allowed customers to visit their favourite shops online. Providing an as-close-to-the-real-thing-as-possible experience in shopping, Motovan’s comprehensive and easy-to-navigate site is the next best thing to motorcycle shops and will ensure all the latest toys are at your disposal!

motorcycle shops jacket

Most motorcycle riders relish the feel of whipping through the streets at breakneck speed, using that adrenaline rush to fuel their love of riding. Jackets are a necessary evil to some of these riders, who wear them only out of safety or the demands of the law. Other motorcycle enthusiasts love to ride just as much, but also love to look good doing it.


Definitely an eye-catcher hanging on the rack at any shop, the MEN’S DAKAR 3 JACKET is the best of both worlds in terms of safety and style. The classic black and white finish disguises a highly durable two-layered jacket designed with both protection and comfort in mind. Custom fit detailing at the collar, cuffs, forearms and waist make you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all, while the outer shell, constructed in 500D and 1000D Cordura® fabric, ensures your safety in the case of a mishap. The inner layer is a sturdy and waterproof nylon rain jacket, keeping you warm and dry in even the worst outdoor conditions!

motorcycle shops pants

Jackets definitely make a statement, but what’s a couture top without a matching bottom? Aesthetics aside, it’s also prudent to port durable pants on a ride for the same reason you’d wear a jacket: protection. Notwithstanding the cold that accompanies riding in the cooler months of the year, wearing some tough and resistant pants can help save your legs from injury should you get into an accident.

The WOMEN’S EXPEDITION ALL-SEASON TRANSITION PANTS will have you channeling your inner Uma. Sporting a classic yet contemporary black and white design, the pants are also constructed in 500 and 2000 denier Cordura® fabric to ensure your safety and protection. The pants boast removable, CE approved Motion Flex armor at the knees and EVA compression foam at hips, to provide you with the option of riding with extreme comfort. Cool mesh airflow lining and a rain-pants liner that can be worn over or under the outer shell will keep the rain and sweat from disturbing your ride. Finally, a custom detailing at the waist and bottom hem provides a relaxed and tailored fit that will make sure you enjoy every ride!

motorcycle shops phone holder


Not every trip to the motorcycle shop is going to be for the latest in stylish clothing or sporty helmets. Sometimes, it’s a practical accessory you’re looking for- a creature comfort that will make your ride more convenient or enjoyable.


Motorcycle riders are every bit as technologically savvy and sophisticated as the next person, which is why having their cellphones accessible as they ride is just as necessary as it is for automobile drivers. The benefits of the GPS on an average smartphone alone make keeping your phone visible and accessible a definite boon.


That’s why picking up a NR-50 MAGNETIC PHONE HOLDER TANK BAG is such a smart idea. Sized to fit all current, plus-sized phones, the bag attaches to metal tanks with strong shielded magnets and can be adjusted to different positions for sun glare and optimal viewing. The clear top is touch screen device friendly, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to adjust your GPS while riding. Better yet, the inner sleeves hold credit cards, licensed and small documents, freeing up space in your pockets!


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