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For some, their first exposure to the sport of motocross was Nintendo’s 1985 classic Excitebike. For others, the idea of revving up a rugged two-wheeled machine and dragging it across some of the most rocky and jagged terrain in the country had them hooked on motocross faster than a primitive 8-bit video game. After all, there’s no greater rush than feeling the thrust and rattle of a 70HP engine on your thighs as the wind carries dust past your head and the trees get smaller in your rearview mirror.


Of course, the exhilaration of jumping and bumping up and down hills and dirt roads comes with its own set of risks. Whether you’re participating in organized competitions or off-roading in your spare time, safety and comfort should be of paramount concern. Bar none, the best place to find motocross gear that will keep you safe and stylish while you practice the sport you love is Motovan.

motocross gear helmet

One of the first things a motocross enthusiast should be thinking about is adequate protection for their head. After all, one bad bump descending a rocky hill carries the potential for a serious head injury that most would like to avoid. Shoei, the first name in top of the line protective gear, has unveiled its sleek and stylish VFX-EVO FAITHFUL helmet, a cut above all the rest.


Adorned in a simple, yet elegantly aerodynamic black sheen, the VFX-EVO FAITHFUL boasts a Motion Energy Distribution System [M.E.D.S.] that is strategically engineered to reduce rotational acceleration energy to the head in the event of an accident. Additionally, the strategically-designed perimeter columns absorb rotational energy and provide significant reduction of rotational forces to the rider’s head. Also, consistent shell thickness guarantees proper strength and weight to protect the head and neck, allowing any motocross enthusiast to ride in style, comfort, and peace of mind.

motocross gear googles

If you’re planning to barrel down a scraggy hill, braving clouds of dust and pieces of rock flying into your face, you’ll definitely want to protect your eyes from any airborne debris. Aside from keeping your eyes safe from injury, you’ll want to ensure your field of vision remains clear to avoid a potentially bigger accident.

Complementing your motocross gear will be the SCOTT PROSPECT GOGGLE CAMO. Deceptively simple in style, these goggles will not only contribute to your look, but to your comfort and safety while you ride. Due to the extra height of the lenses, the rider gains a maximum field of vision that is accentuated by the anti-fog treatment. Additionally, the SCOTT lens lock system ensures the lenses stay in the frame regardless of the impact they may experience. The extra wide, no-slip silicone strap coupled with the articulated outriggers contributes to the seamless integration of the goggles to your favourite helmet.

motocross gear gloves

Aside from the head, arguably the most important part of the body to protect if you’re a motocross enthusiast are the hands. Aside from day-to-day activities like typing or answering the phone, it would be hard to grip the handlebars on your bike if one of your hands was out of commission.


The E3 GLOVES provide excellent protection for your hands while simultaneously boasting a classically sheik and stylish black and gray finish. Certified for open-road use, the E3 GLOVES feature a metacarpo-phalangeal protective shell in soft TPR, which offers maximum protection while allowing for greater flexibility and dexterity. The E3 gloves promise optimal protection in case of contact with pebbles, branches, or the odd and unfortunate tumble on the open road. A synthetic leather reinforcement ventilated at the point of contact with the handlebars seeks to reduce the risk of thumb blisters, allowing for optimum comfort!

motocross gear boots

Keeping your feet both protected and comfortable is important to any motorcross rider, and no collection of motocross gear would be complete without a sturdy pair of boots. Thankfully, the X11 OFF-ROAD BOOTS are both functional and stylishly attractive, available in a sleek and understated black finish.


The boots are precurved in premium synthetic leather, providing an anatomically accurate fit while also being extremely light and resistant to wear. The injected molded plastic shin guards offer protection for more than just your feet. The textured internal siding both resists abrasion and offers a superior grip and control of your motorcycle through the inside of your shins and calves. The boots are also lined with comfortable polyfabric cushioned inserts to protect your ankles, also ensuring that the interior of the boots are breathable. Last but not least, molded and seamless rubber soles provide shock absorption that maintain a good feeling while riding on any terrain!


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