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Canadian enthusiasts are some of the luckiest riders in the world, because they get the best of both worlds and Offroad parts Canada. Multiple venues and locations offer beginner to advanced courses and tracks for ATV and Offroad enthusiasts in every major Canadian metropolis and its nearby suburbs. If getting out into the open air and riding through some rugged terrain is what you crave, where better than Canada to do it? We have one of the world’s most natural frontiers, and can boast every environment from rocky and dusty to jagged and muddy to snowy and slippery.

Despite the plethora of venues available for ATV riders to enjoy their hobby, the wear and tear of the Canadian climate and landscape on equipment is formidable. Best to check out Motovan for all your needs in ATV parts in Canada!


Some riders love skidding through jagged and stony terrain, trying to keep the dust and rocks out of their faces. Others prefer sliding up and down muddy outcrops, wishing the rain wasn’t beading so strong on their foreheads. In both cases, it would have been a good idea to have installed a windshield to keep the elements at bay.


Slasher’s Front Complete Windshield is just the type of protection an avid outdoor ATV rider would need. Made of unbreakable and UV resistant polycarbonate, this windshield offers unprecedented rigidity that does not affect vision, and is 100% rust-proof. A slightly tinted visor can be removed easily in hot weather or for a more sporty look, and the fixed aluminum section serves as an air deflector.

atv parts canada ramp

If you’re a regular camper or like to choose your next ATV ride based on how far from the city you can get, you’ll need to be able to load your vehicle onto the back of a truck for transport. Unless you have three to four pro wrestlers at your disposal for loading, that means using a ramp.


Slasher’s Tri-Fold Aluminum Ramp is great for loading ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and even golf carts. Made of tig welded aluminum for superior strength and reliability, the ramp is also extremely light-weight, making lifting and transportation that much easier. The ramp is also reversible, with one side customized for wheels and the other for sleds. Also, nylon buckle straps offer extra security between the ramp and the loading vehicle.

atv parts canada soft top

Putting a roof on your ATV might seem like an offroad parts canada idea and may rub some purists the wrong way, but it makes good sense when you factor in the elements. After all, who wouldn’t like a little cover when the rain starts to pour? And even when the skies are clear, keeping your head out of direct sunlight would be prudent and pleasant.

Rigg Gear’s RG-100 RZR Convertible Soft Top is UV treated for maximum protection against the sun’s harmful rays, keeping you safe and comfortable. The roof is also made from a rugged, water-resistant UltraMax polyester, keeping the rain off your head. An integrated zippered panel transforms this roof into a convertible without removing the top, for when the elements don’t seem like they’ll be a bother!

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