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The Motorcycle Mystique Rides On in 2021

The mystique associated with being a motorcycle rider is and an Olympia Motorcycle jacket both have a huge part allure. It’s a special mix of pure, unadulterated freedom, a hint of danger, a whiff of raw sexuality, and a devil-may care attitude. That mystique is enough to draw in even the most buttoned-down working stiff to the joys of straddling a 700-pound thrust machine on the open road. It’s been that way since James Dean popularized “The Look” with his leather motorcycle jacket in Rebel Without a Cause– an image that has become synonymous with freedom and the defiance of authority and has been passed down to everyone from Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine to Uma Thurman’s Bride.

An Olympian Blend of Style & Comfort

Yet style is not the only consideration for the conscientious rider; safety is a paramount concern, as is comfort. After all, riding in a pool full of sweat or flying through the air due to an accident will quickly trump aesthetics if you ever find yourself in those situations.

Motovan takes all three issues into consideration when deciding which jackets to offer, which is why Olympia motorcycle jackets top the list every time. The perfect mix of form and function, these premium motorcycle jackets are the perfect blend of style, safety, and comfort.


If an understated look is what you’re hunting for, search no further than the Olympia’s Men’s Bishop Leather Jacket and Women’s Janis Leather Jacket. Sleek and stylish, there’s no doubt people who see you coming down the street will have AC/DC’s “Back in Black” echoing in their minds.

Aside from the attractively simple design, both jackets have 2 layers of protection: an outer layer of leather for safety and an inner layer of Insulex insulation for warmth and comfort. Ventilation zippers on the arms allow for cooling while additional armor plates allow for added protection from injury.


If you’re looking for something more contemporary than classic in an olympia motorcycle jacket, check out Olympia’s Men’s Expedition Transition All Season Jacket. More racecar rogue than rebel without a cause, the white and black colours, arranged in an angular and stylish pattern, will definitely identify you as modern motorcycle enthusiast. The outer shell, constructed in 500 and 2000 denier Cordura® fabric, also has a waterproof inner or outer layer, providing both warmth and protection from the elements. A removable CE approved Motion Flex articulated back protector ensures your safety, while the five storage and interior cell phone pocket guarantees you’ll never be caught without the essentials on your person.

If you’re looking for a compromise between classic and contemporary, check out Olympia’s Women’s Switchback 2 Mesh Tech Jacket. The balance between black and grey points to its vintage roots while the sleek design places the style firmly in the present day. With an outer shell constructed in 500 denier Cordura®fabric, this jacket keeps out the cold while the ballistic airflow mesh panels makes sure you stay comfortably cool. Waterproof, the jacket also has removable Motion Flex armour at the elbows, shoulders and back for added protection.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about these jackets or are looking for more Olympia styles, contact us for more information