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They say clothes make the man (or woman), which becomes especially relevant for those in specific jobs or hobbies like motocross especially gear for Canada. After all, you wouldn’t expect a firefighter to run into a burning building wearing nothing but the banana hammock he sports in the yearly calendar, or a knight to go into battle wearing nothing but a tunic and frying pan on his head, would you?

Suit Up For Motocross Gear Canada with Motovan

For motocross enthusiasts, the same principle applies: from head to toe, each rider needs the appropriate gear for safety, comfort, and the expression of personal style.

Motovan takes its commitment to providing stylish and affordable motocross gear for Canadian customers all over the Great White North very seriously. Aside from aesthetics, safety is also of paramount importance, and everything Motovan offers is done so with your well-being in mind.

Furious Shadow Helmet

Navigating a jump is scary enough without having to worry about fracturing your skull if you happen to fall. Thankfully, Shot Race Gear’s Furious Shadow Helmet is made of a tri-composite shell of carbon kevlar fibre that will protect your head from serious injury. It’s also got a shock-absorbing chin guard to protect your spine and a removable, washable interior lining for comfort and cleanliness. Its red and green finish is both sporty and rugged!

Contact Shadow Jersey

Finding a jersey that allows for unrestricted mobility while simultaneously providing comfort from sweat and the elements is no small feat, but Motovan has you (literally) covered. Shot Race Gear’s Contact Shadow Jersey sports an anatomic cut, tailored sleeves and a longer tail that ensures a superbly comfortable fit. Additionally, the lycra insert on the shoulders provides even more comfort, while the soft lycra collar is perfect for a neck brace user, securing your protection.

Contact Shadow Pants

Finding motocross gear in Canada may be a challenge, but not with Motovan! Shot Race Gear’s Contact Shadow Pants is the perfect complement to any motocross uniform. Light-weight and resistant to wear and tear, they’re also made with a pre-curved fit for a better riding position. The vented inner liner keeps you comfortable and fresh, while the non-slip waist ensures your pants will stay put while you ride!

E3 Gloves

Protecting your hands may not be the first priority when it comes to motocross riding, but it definitely ranks high. Five Gloves’ E3 gloves are simple, stylish, and will make sure your hands are both comfortable and protected when you ride. Don’t let the lightweight design fool you – the complex polymers, fabrics and materials used in its manufacturing ensure extreme flexibility, protection, mobility and comfort. The palms are even reinforced with a synthetic leather inset that features a silicone print for optimal grip on the controls!

X-Blast Boots

Some boots were made for walkin’ but these boots were definitely made for ridin’! TCX Boots’ X-Blast Boots are simple but sportingly stylish, and provide the perfect balance of protection and comfort for your feet and shins. Inside, microfibre heat guards, shin plates, steel toe caps, and polyurethane heel, ankle, and toe guards ensure safety, while the air tech breathable lining guarantees comfort.

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