Finding the Right ATV Parts in Canada for the Right Price

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It’s the great Canadian consumer conundrum, and it’s guaranteed to have happened to every Canuck from St. John’s to Vancouver. You’ll be searching multiple online stores for that specialized, one-of-a-kind item for your collection or as a gift for a friend or loved one, only to find that the object of your heart’s desire is exclusively sold in the United States. No problem, you figure, I’ll just buy it from there and have it shipped here, but as you’re about to press “complete order” on the webpage, your eyes glance at the final price as your jaw hits the keyboard. Taking into consideration shipping and import costs as well as the currency conversion, your one-of-a-kind item is suddenly costing you a ridiculously exorbitant amount – way more than you originally budgeted for.

ATV Parts Every Canadian Needs

For ATV enthusiasts, this conundrum hits particularly close to home. Every rider knows that finding affordable specialized parts that are in close proximity to your home and that also match your needs for function or display isn’t easy. Hours can be spent scouring stores or the internet to find just the right piece you’re looking for- wasted hours that can be spent actually riding. Thankfully, Motovan offers its Canadian clients a veritable one-stop shop that promises affordability and timely delivery for all ATV parts in Canada for both online and in-person shoppers.


Canada prides itself as a country made of rugged terrain and weather to fit all seasons. Actually, it’s a distinctly Canadian experience to go through a spring shower that turns into a snowstorm and ends with sunny, 20 degree weather all within the span of a week.


If you’re a conscientious ATV owner, you’ll want to protect your vehicle from the elements. After all, you put it through enough wear and tear when you’re riding- the last thing you want is dust, water, or frigid temperatures mucking with the mechanics or your freshly washed, waxed or custom-painted finish.


Motovan offers the Nelson Rigg ATV03 / ATV04 – Defender Extreme ATV Cover as an all-purpose and extremely affordable protective sheath for your vehicle. Made from innovative UltraMax® durable polyester material, the cover is guaranteed to protect your ATV from the sun, rain, snow, tree sap, and dust from storage areas. It’s also the highest UV rated cover in the industry and comes with a 2-year warranty, as well as a price that can’t be beat.


Barrelling down rocky, muddy, or dusty terrain is par for the course for any ATV enthusiast. When doing so, ensuring your field of vision is clear and your face and body are protected are of paramount importance. After all, the last thing you want are rocks in your face, dust in your eyes, or even bigger obstructions making a bee-line for your head. Even hitting an insect at those speeds will sting like the dickens, and the smallest distraction at an inopportune moment can often result in unwanted injury.


For some ATV enthusiasts, the answer to that problem is simple: install a windshield. Putting in a windshield greatly reduces the chance of debris obstructing your vision or causing injury, but finding an affordable one that’s in proximity to you and satisfies your tastes can sometimes be difficult.


Motovan offers a wide selection of windshields at competitive prices. Take the Quadrax Universal ATV Windshield, for example. This beautiful piece of equipment is perfect for most 3-4 wheelers and has a universal mounting system to fit almost any model ATV. Easy to install, it’s a flexible windshield with rubber outer trim and comes in two choices of size- definitely the best bang for your buck.

If there’s one thing that defines being Canadian, it’s snow. Correction: it’s shovelling snow. For at least four months out of the year, we Canadians engage in the purest and most necessary winter sport of them all: digging ourselves out of that wet white powder that gives our land the catchy nickname of “The Great White North.”


Yet for many Canadians, throwing out their backs and almost inducing cardiac arrest to remove snow from their driveways is an unenviable task, and one they don’t look forward to. As a matter of fact, some industrious Canadians have channelled their inner Homer Simpson and have transformed their ATVs or UTVs into snow plows with the quick instalment of a plow blade to the front of their vehicles.


Finding such ATV parts in Canada is sometimes about as easy as finding a puck on a basketball court but thankfully, Motovan has an excellent blade in stock. The Eagle Plow Blades are manufactured and designed in the USA, but are available to Canadian customers through Motovan. Highly durable and easily stored, Eagle Plow Blades make plowing through snow as easy as moving a hot knife through butter.

Shopping for ATV parts in Canada has never been easier. Motovan has everything a Canadian customer could ever want at the most competitive prices, and ready to be shipped or picked up at any time. No more long hours on the internet or travelling from shop to shop looking for the perfect part- Motovan’s got you covered!


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