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Shoei Motorcycle Helmets Canada | Ensure Your Safety

Shoei Helmets safety is obviously of paramount importance to every cyclist. After all, flying down the highways, mountains, or trails at breakneck speed doesn’t necessarily mean you’re okay with breaking your neck.

As a matter of fact, ensuring the safety of everything from your limbs to your vital organs is the main reason cyclists are so careful when choosing their gear. Of course, there are other factors that contribute to that, like personal style and comfort, because nobody wants to ride feeling like their head is in a vice and looking like Porky Pig. All things considered, perhaps the most important piece of a cyclist’s equipment is the helmet, for obvious reasons. 

A Long History Of Style, Comfort & Safety

If you’re looking for a shoei helmet that’s the perfect combination of style, comfort, and safety function, you should definitely consider Shoei helmets. With a pedigree that goes back to 1960’s Japan, Shoei Helmets Canada has always been the first and last word in innovation, comfort, and care.

Immediately, slipping on a Shoei helmet brings noticeable comfort without sacrificing safety: advancements in polyurethane foam have allowed for a thinner and more comfortable lining and overall fit, while AIM+ construction affords a lightweight, but incredibly strong and elastic, outer mold construction.

This affords each rider the dual opportunity to experience premium comfort while not having to worry about safety: the shell construction ensures any impact is distributed and diffused through the outer shell without going through the head. 

With their aerodynamic design, Shoei helmets offer premium comfort and protection no matter what your preferred style of cycling is: motor, cross, or mountain. Thankfully, Motovan offers helmets to meet all demands.


Shoei Helmets Canada

Guaranteed, if you’re barrelling down the road with nothing but a lightweight helmet to protect your cranium from a life-altering injury, you’re definitely going to want the helmet named after and endorsed by top racing athlete Marc Marquez. This Shoei motorcycle helmet offers a top-notch, aerodynamic design and ensures optimal performance in terms of speed. The X-Fourteen Marquez is also a helmet that sports innovative ribs on the top and bottom edge of its face shield to eliminate the bending effect that may occur from wind pressure during high-speed riding. Its all-new cheek cooling pad systems ensure full ventilation and a smooth and comfortable ride in even the harshest and most stressful conditions. 


Shoei Helmets Canada

If motocross is your game, you`re definitely going to want a helmet that provides optimal comfort and protection while you navigate the twist, turns, bumps, and grinds that accompany moving up and down those challenging hills and tracks. This Shoei cross helmet is strategically engineered to reduce rotational acceleration energy to the head in the event of an accident. It also sports a V-470 visor that is seamlessly integrated into the helmet`s outer shell, providing superior protection and visibility. The ventilation on Shoei`s Faithful is also unparalleled, offering wind-tunnel tested and enhanced cooling air channels to optimize performance in all environments. 


Shoei Helmets Canada

If the price of Shoei`s upper-strand models is leaving you a little cold, you should definitely check out the functionally sleek GT-Air II Redux. This model sacrifices none of the functionality of its higher-priced cousins, offering wind-tunnel tested and advanced aerodynamic features, superior ventilation, and a flip-down internal sun shield that will decisively cut down on the sunlight obscuring your vision from the road ahead. The aesthetic may be simple, but it`s definitely not unattractive. The GT-Air II Redux follows the K.I.S.S. principle perfectly, keeping your safety and comfort at the forefront of its design.