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The Best ATV Tires Canada

ATV Tires Canada is a large subject. Canada is known the world around for many awesome things, and our excessive politeness, world-class prowess at hockey, and eating French fries with sauce and cheese.

Yet one of the things true Canadians pride themselves on is something that many living outside the borders of the Great White North may not realize: not only do we have a pristine and beautiful natural landscape, but surviving its oftentimes harsh and unforgiving terrain is a badge of honour many Canucks hold as dear to their hearts as a Stanley Cup Trophy.

Deal With Extreme Weather Conditions

Sure, we can boast of surviving close to six months of non-stop snow and ice, but the weather for ATV tires Canada is so much more than our harsh winters. Spring and fall can bring their fair share of rain and melt, turning even the most reliable road or trail into a veritable mud pit, and summer produces dry and/or humid heat that can transform almost any environment into a rocky, dusty, and unforgiving climb.

For Canadian ATV, UTV or Quad enthusiasts, learning how to deal with and prepare for extreme weather conditions can seem a daunting task, especially when it comes to choosing tires.

Normal wear and tear is one thing, but it becomes so much more difficult choosing ATV, UTV, or Quad tires in Canada when every 3 months brings a new set of weather and terrain conditions. Knowing what tires to get and when to change them is no small task. 

Signs That ATV/UTV Tires Are Ready To Be Replaced

Thankfully, there are some tell-tale signs your “Canadian” ATV, UTV or Quad tires are ready to be replaced:

  1. If the grooves and treads of your tires are rounded down or cracked, it’s definitely time for a change. Similarly, if you notice the tires are cracked, or appear discolored or faded due to age and wear, it would be a great time to replace them.
  2. If your tires are older than the proscribed lifespan of 2-5 years, and/or if you notice that the air pressure is consistently low, even after a refill, it’s time for a new set.
  3. If there’s a discernible difference in performance, like you’re not taking corners well or can’t clear terrain as quickly or effortless as you used to, it’s probably a good idea to at least check out your tires, if not replace them altogether.

Picking out new ATV, UTV, or Quad tires is obviously done best if you know the terrain you’re going to be covering, and with ATV tires in Canada, that most probably means a tire you can ride through the mud, off-road with, or use for general all-purpose needs. Here are some suggestions for each terrain:


atv tires canada

Maxxis offers an excellent all-purpose tire for online or in-store Canadian ATV and UTV shoppers alike. The Liberty is engineered for excellence and its performance as both a front and rear tire is optimal for all terrains.  The specialized rubber compound offers supreme traction and control and you won’t have to replace them any time soon, as Liberty tires have excellent tread wear. 


atv tires canada

Cooped up in the house due to winter weather and the ongoing pandemic may have you doing more summertime off roading than usual this year. If that’s the case, you’ll be looking for the perfect tire for rough and rocky terrains. Look no further than the Holeshot XCT– its aggressive tread pattern will ensure no area is out of your reach. Also, the combination of 23-inch fronts and 22-inch rears will offer you better control, more clearance for trail obstacles and ruts, and traction in loose terrain.


atv tires canada

From St. John’s to Vancouver, Sudbury to Yellowknife- ALL Canadians have to deal with mud almost all year-round. For ATV and UTV enthusiasts, that means find a tire that can have you moving through the mud like an oar through the water. Thankfully, CST Tires have the Sludge Hammers, which are ready to do just that. Built for the most extreme of muddy conditions, the Sludge Hammers feature radial construction, with super-tall tread bars engineered for maximum traction in even the thickest sludge out there.