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What are some of the differences between Snowmobile Helmets vs Motorcycle Helmets


Snowmobile and motorcycle helmets are almost similar but there are several unique features that differentiate them. The core importance for winter weather is insulation and some additional accessories that can make a typical motorcycle helmet ready for the mountain terrain. 


There are accessories like custom lenses which can be double pane with the ability to be heated or not, and a exhalation deflector to reduce fogging of the lens in your shield or goggles. The colder temperatures make breathing a challenge especially below freezing which is why double pane lenses act like an insulator to make fogging up less likely to occur. 


Whereas with Motorcycle helmets you are much less restricted and the design and feature of helmets can be flexible.


Snowmobile Helmet Benefits

The build of the helmet is universal but insulation of the snowmobile helmet helps to keep your head warm and double pane and electric shields help reduce fogging up. Similar to starting your car in the morning and heating the rear window to remove snow and condensation.

Also consider using a breathing deflector for your snowmobile helmet as an alternative to reducing fogging. The exhalation needs to exit the helmet so keeping the shield open a little will help with the air flow. The velocity is important so you need to be sure that your speed is enough for airflow, because sitting idle may reduce effectiveness. 

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Motorcycle Helmet Benefits

The outer shell, foam, restraints and paddings are all similar for helmets across the riding spectrum. The safety requirements are used to design them with DOT, Snell and ECE. Motorcycle helmets come in variety to suit the road or trail and may not require anti-fogging or heating with weather permitting.

In some cases you will not even need face protection if you’re already wearing sunglasses or goggles. 

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In the end the helmets are similar but also uniquely crafted to suit the situation for comfort and safety for your riding pleasure.

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